Martha Pongrac

“Since being a patient of Thompson Healthcare, I have a new lease on life. I am pain free. Dr. Erin and the rest of the staff are professional and personable. It is a pleasure to walk into the office. Thank you!” - Martha Pongrac

Ed & Kim Lawler

“Speaking about the difference Dr. Rob Thompson has made for me and my family comes easy and clear. We have been under Dr. Rob’s care since he opened his first office. From the first adjustment, Kim and I experienced relief from our back pain. Dr. Rob’s attention to detail and his willingness to listen stood out from the beginning. We can look back and track an effective and consistent path on our journey to healthier living and relief from pain and connect the type of care provided by Dr. Rob and his staff at THOMPSON HEALTHCARE AND SPORTS MEDICINE. I believe he was a difference maker with all five of our athletically-involved sons and daughters and their continued involvement with their organized sports programs. I am aware of Dr. Rob’s professional journey and his commitment and follow-through on staying up to date on the most effective treatments and healthcare advice. Finally, the Lawler family celebrates Dr. Rob’s pursuit and achievement of excellence in a sports medicine practice and look forward to reaping the benefits from his continued pursuit.” – In deep appreciation, Ed, Kim and the Lawler tribe

Mike Terranova

“The doctors and staff at Thompson Healthcare are extremely courteous and genuinely care about my overall health and well-being. I have dealt with pain and nagging injuries for years from physical activity and Dr. Joe and staff keep me healthy and pain free. Thanks to them, I am able to perform at my highest level. I currently receive weekly adjustments and maintenance and I feel great!” - Mike Terranova

Bonnie MacMillan

“I have been going to Thompson Healthcare and Sports Medicine for 10 years. You will not find better care or treatment. This is not your Grandma’s chiropractor! Having taught Elementary PE for 35 years and participating in many sports; my body needed help. Going to Thompson was the best decision ever. I feel great! The addition of acupuncture is a huge plus, having made a big difference in my recovery from extensive foot/ ankle surgery. (I admit to being skeptical at first) Thank you Treayor! You won’t find better doctors and the staff makes you feel welcome and is professional, caring and courteous. The new office is incredible. You won’t be sorry–feel better now!” - Bonnie MacMillan


“My children have been seeing Dr. Tara for the past 4 years! They love her so much that my daughter wants to see her every week! When they’re hanged up from everyday play, she fixes them right up but most importantly, she helps them when they are sick from ear infections, colds, sinus infections or fevers. I bring them to Dr. Tara instead of my pediatrician and I never have to give medicine. I always go to Dr. Tara first before calling the pediatrician. I don’t like putting medicine into their bodies unless it is necessary and most of the time it isn’t and she can fix them right up!” - Mia

Lauren Conner, owner of Crossfit ARX in Toms River

“I train hard and I recover even harder. Dr. Joe always has me ready whether it be for the days training or high-level Crossfit Competition.” - Lauren Conner

Virginia Lombardo

“Treayor has helped me out by working on my lower back pain and also helped the nerve damage I have had in my legs and feet!” - Virginia Lombardo

Lucille Benwell

“I was struggling with a constant IT Band issue. I am so thankful that my trainer suggested Dr. Brian. The pain is completely gone! I recommend him to everyone! He is wonderful to work with and will keep you moving.” - Lucille Benwell

Sue Haggarty

”I had four lumbar spine surgeries, permanent nerve damage and chronic pain before becoming a patient. Now, no pain medication because adjustments, acupuncture and massages are all I need to keep me pain free! Thank you so much to the doctors, therapists and wonderful stuff for giving me my life back!" - Sue Haggarty

Dave McCallum

Retired Toms River policeman Dave McCallum and Dr. Rob after an adjustment!

“My family and I have been treated at Thompson Healthcare and Sports Medicine since 2008. I have been very pleased with the treatment and care we have received. The staff is wonderful. From the time you walk through their doors, you are greeted by courteous and professional receptionists. Staff members then escort you to your private room to be treated by the well-educated, caring doctors that spend as much time as needed to listen and then explain what treatment is necessary. The treatment received is effective and appreciated.
I am still active in sports and hands-on with labor from yard work to interior house repairs and cutting and removing trees, which occasionally puts my back into spasms and pain. I have done a bike race from New Jersey to Key West for a memorial ride. On two occasions, I have injured myself and thought I was not going to be able to make the ride. Dr. Thompson’s quick treatment had me back on the bicycle and was able to complete the trips. Treyor’s acupuncture was an asset to the treatment by Dr. Thompson. The massages were also beneficial before and after.

I have to mention the allergy treatments! I have found relief from allergy treatments at the office. I was not able to be around live Christmas trees or Pine garland used during the Christmas season. I suffered during pollen season and when cutting my lawn. The treatment plan I received here has me putting up pine garland and sitting around the live Christmas trees, cutting the lawn and pollen season only hits me a little. I have also seen an individual who is lactose intolerant now drink milk with no discomfort.

I cannot thank Dr. Thompson enough for putting together such a facility with equally qualified doctors, an acupuncturist, masseuses, and a caring staff that render assistance and treatment to resolve my injuries and allergies that afford me an active lifestyle.”

Ellen Appello

“I (and my family) have been coming to Thompson Chiropractic for over 5 years – I just love Dr Rob & Dr Erin – they are truly amazing.But I should mention that the entire staff is absolutely competent! Their knowledge and assessment of any problem or pain areas I may occur is thorough and treatment is always effective. They have such a variety of treatment options, that the healing process is direct and efficient. I have always highly recommended Thompson Chiropractic and will continue to do so." - Ellen Appello

Dan Renzulli

“Every time I come into Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine, I am treated like family. Dr. Rob is great at working with my specific needs and always knows exactly what the solution is to any fitness-related tightening. I always leave the office better than when I walked in.” - Dan Renzulli

Ryan Lagravenis & Kaleigh Watson

“I started coming to Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine for my migraines. After treatment, the consistency of them has lessened immensely. The whole staff is amazing and friendly. It is definitely a place where you feel taken care of.” – Kaleigh Wargo.

“Dr. Thompson, I have to say is a miracle worker! I have suffered from lower back pain for years, and have 3 herniated discs. Since I started coming, he has made me feel 98% better, with almost no pain! He also makes you feel right at home like family.” – Ryan Lagravenis

Jennifer Coleman

“Coming into Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine on my most painful days always ended with me feeling great walking out. Being a competitive athlete, the chiropractors here are my “go-to” people after rough games. I feel comfortable being here and getting the best treatment around. There is nothing too big or too small to get worked on and almost all the time I leave here feeling better than ever!” - Jennifer Coleman

Marcy Seymour

“As a result of the work of Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine, I am, at this age, still able to run! I just placed 3rd place in the 60-69 age group at the Sgt. John Lyons Run to Remember 5k in Seaside. I attribute this to my treatments with the doctors at this office! (Saturday, June 7th, 2014)” - Marcy Seymour

Justin Pandorf and Treayor Smith

“As an eighth-grade student-athlete from Lacey, I started coming to Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine. Now ten years later, I am still coming and have been thankful for every visit. Dr. Rob and staff have kept me “game ready” and competing at a high level since day one. Going to Monmouth University, I was able to see the staff on a regular basis. Playing Division One football, I suffered many injuries, but with the help of the staff, I was always game ready. Now with the new addition of Treayor with acupuncture, my recoveries have happened even smoother. I am very thankful for the entire staff and will continue to come for all my injury needs!”

Nancy Coleman and Dr. Rob

“How do I begin to explain how incredibly awesome Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine’s office has been for me? When I first came here, I was a hurting woman. My legs hurt, my ribs hurt, my neck hurt…actually, pretty much everything hurt! Dr. Rob has been a godsend to not just me, but to my entire family. I umpire softball at a very high level and Rob has kept my body together and moving well. I could not have come so far health-wise without this incredible place!”

Dr. Rob & Jean Piscopo

“I never believed in chiropractic. I suffered with a herniated disc in my neck and went for physical therapy. It helped but didn’t last. Then I developed a herniated disc and arthritis in my lower back and could not sit down. A friend suggested Dr. Rob and I was in so much pain, I made an appointment. Within one month of treatment, I could sit without pain! I have recommended the practice to so many who have had complete success! If you’re in pain, go see Dr. Rob!”

Joan Brooks

“My experience at Thompson Healthcare has been so much more beneficial than I thought it could be! Dr. Erin is very easy to talk to and she understands my needs with my multiple medical conditions. Acupuncture has been a welcome addition to my time at Thompson. I wanted a holistic approach to my medical problems and the entire staff has been helpful in making me feel better. The massage is relaxing and Mary Beth is as responsive to my need as the rest of the staff. I always feel welcomed and cared for here and my general health and sense of well-being has greatly increased since I started coming to Thompson.”

The Bukowinski Family

“We were skeptical at first to see a chiropractor but are so glad we decided to stick with it. Our family has benefited more than words can say from our years of adjustments. I would have had to go to an orthopedist and probably had surgery if it wasn’t for Dr. Rob. Our son was born prematurely and Dr. Tara has helped with his digestive issues. Steve has been able to keep up with his races due to his regular adjustments from Dr. Rob. The staff is always a pleasure and makes you feel like part of a family!” - Bukowinski Family

Dr. Erin & Michael Granato

Dr. Erin & the staff make me feel like a priority!

As an avid runner and someone loves fitness, I find myself often injured. Dr. Erin and the staff at Thompson Healthcare always make me feel like a priority. They always go above and beyond to keep me doing what I love. Dr. Erin is always kind, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I’m extremely appreciative of the care I received by all of the staff members at Thompson Healthcare (especially my best friend Kelly)!”

Liam’s Story

"Patient Liam from the Bayville office has suffered from really bad seasonal allergies for the past couple of years, especially with him being outside on the field during football practice. He has been getting treated during his routine adjustments with footbaths, getting his sinuses treated, and doing the allergy elimination technique. His seasonal allergies are so much better now! The allergy elimination technique can also treat other types of allergies, which Liam is taking advantage of now that he’s home from school!”

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Tina K.’s Story

“I was running, and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see well, and my vision was blurry all the time. I wanted to scratch my eyes out. I was itchy and uncomfortable with seasonal allergies. I came in for a chiropractic adjustment because I was running regularly and Dr. Rob said: “I think I have the treatment for you.” So I started the allergy elimination treatment, and I have not been suffering from seasonal allergies ever since. If there is a little twinge and I feel like something is bothering me, I come in, and they test me for whatever is in the air, and I repeat the treatment. I love it. I’m a fan of it, and I have been trying to convince all of my friends of the treatment itself because I find it so easy and I immediately feel better. I enjoy the treatment, and I think it is a wonderful thing to try.”

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Deb D’s Story

“Current patient, Deb D. started coming to the office after an allergy dinner talk, where she learned how we can holistically treat seasonal allergies. Deb suffered from congestion and a dry cough that would always result in a sinus infection every time the seasons changed or plants bloomed. She finished the allergy program approximately 1 year ago and hasn’t experienced any of her usual symptoms since. Deb is more than happy with her results and continues to do occasional treatments to help her maintain her amazing results.”

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