Ferdinand Mark Mabale


Ferdinand Mark Mabale earned his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Velez College in the Philippines. He is an experienced Occupational Therapist with a history of working in pediatric outpatient, home care, and skilled nursing facilities. He was an administrator and an Occupational Therapist consultant in a pediatric therapy center in the Philippines. He then became licensed in New Jersey with a certification in Physical Agent Modalities and is trained in sensory integration. He is an active member of the American Occupational Therapy association. Joining Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine is a fulfillment of his desire to broaden his skills in the area of outpatient care. He is excited to join the Thompson team and he believes it will be a great platform to make a difference by helping clients resume and improve participation with their daily living tasks, with getting back to and staying in work, and assist with their leisure time as well. When he is not at work, he likes to travel and explore new places. He also volunteers at his local church. He has been married to his wife Joan since 2011 and they have two wonderful children.