Dr. Chukwudi (Chudi) Onwuakor


Dr. Chukwudi Onwuakor, DC, MPH was born in Nigeria but raised in the United States in the state of Massachusetts. He is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic in Bridgeport, CT. He holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical exercise physiology from Salem State University and a master’s degree in public health from the University of Bridgeport. He is known as Dr. Chudi which is easy to pronounce. He wanted to go to physical therapy school until one faithful day, he had to escort his mother who was suffering from low back pain to a chiropractor’s office. His mother grimaced in pain going into the chiropractic treatment room and came out feeling a lot better and that basically made him more curious about what chiropractic was all about. He went on to shadow a chiropractor for a week and on the last day of the shadowing, he applied to chiropractic school and went on to study and complete his education in chiropractic. Dr. Chudi takes pride in understanding his patients and their chief complaints. He is proficient in all the major chiropractic techniques such as diversified techniques and soft tissue works. Dr. Chudi is also proficient in prescribing exercises and nutritional advice especially for weight loss or maintenance and rehabilitation purposes. His inspiration in healthcare comes from his mother who has been a nurse midwife for the last 35 plus years. In fact, he comes from a family of healthcare practitioners in which his mother is a nurse midwife and has a sister who is a nurse and another sister who is a Doctor of Pharmacy. Family is everything to him. He believes the love of family can sway someone in the right direction especially from the parents. His father and mother encouraged him even when things seemed to be rough but he persevered because he had family support. He is engaged to his lovely fiancée, Vivian, who stuck by him during the most pressing time during his academic career with overloads of schoolwork and clinical rotations and board exams. He stated, “having the right people in his life has made a positive impact on his life today.". A dream became a reality because he had family, his fiancée and friends that supported his dreams and aspirations.