Albert Matic


Albert Matic, PT, started his career back in 2007 after passing the local boards for PT in the Philippines. Early in his career, he became a certified Sports Therapist and worked with professional athletes. In 2010, he commissioned himself in the Philippine Navy and served for 5 years being the Officer in Charge in Physical Therapy department. Seeking to go back to the field of Sports Rehabilitation, he later decommissioned himself from the service and worked with group of Physical Therapists that dealt with sports-related injuries providing manual therapy, exercises and drills depending on the patient’s level of injury. In 2015, he started his career in the United States and has been working with variety of cases and set-up from Neurological to Musculoskeletal cases. Joining the Thompson Team, he looks forward to expanding his knowledge and skills to assist his clients to go back to their prior level of function. In his spare time, he loves to train and participate in endurance sports such as marathons and triathlons or spend time with his wife and dog.